Wrightchoice CSA

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Healthy Lifestyle


Wrightchoice CSA is designed to encourage its members to put their

efforts into worthwhile things such as physical activity. And it is hoped that by providing such an active extra-curricular activity the players are being exposed to healthy exploits at a young age and they will continue to lead healthy lives as they get older.

By being involved in an organisation such as Wrightchoice, the players not only learn sport specific skills but they also learn valuable life skills such as:

• Team bonding

• Team ethics

• Self discipline

• Self improvement

• Respect for authority

Moreover, it is thought that by providing an opportunity for young people to embrace sports as a means of engaging in positive, structured activities it enables them to avoid anti-social social, criminal, and other harmful behaviours and this can only be beneficial for them as individuals and for the community as a whole.

Therefore involvement in this organisation has the potential to have a positive effect on the physical, psychological, social and emotional aspects of the individual. Involvement in this environment serves to improve young people holistically, in order to produce well-rounded people for the future.

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