Wrightchoice CSA

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Wrightchoice CSA as a youth sport organisation is very proud of the sporting opportunity it is able to offer young people in the community.

However it seems important to emphasise that Wrightchoice not only wants to encourage achievement in sport but more importantly achievement in life for these young people. Therefore players’ achievements in the educational setting are considered highly important.

Young people within the organisation have the opportunity to be supported by staff whose expertise lies in educational matters, so there is to be no hesitation from players who require help with regard to education or welfare issues.

Wrightchoice CSA feels it is important for players to understand the

importance of concentrating on academic development in order to fulfil their potential and the organisation is committed to providing any help that may be required.

We hope that by using participation in football and other sports as a vehicle we can re-engage young people in education and promote the importance of educational attainment.


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